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5 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories in 2018 via @mightyskins

5 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories to Get in 2018

Having a smartphone that does everything you need is great, but do you wonder how you can make your experience even better? Accessorize! Accessories let you maximize the capabilities of your phone while making the user experience as enjoyable as possible. Here are the top five smartphone accessories you need in 2018.

Accessory #1: Protective Case

Phone Case via @mightyskins

A durable case protects your phone from damage if you end up dropping it. One with an integrated screen protector keeps your screen free from scratches and reduces the chances of it cracking in an unfortunate incident. The large variety of styles, colors, and materials allows you to customize your phone to suit your personality. Choose bold colors, patterns, and designs to show your style.

Accessory #2: Power Bank

Phone Power Bank via @mightyskins

Smartphones are capable of being nearly everything you need, but using your phone as a map, calendar, camera, and to surf the web takes a toll on your battery life. Get a long-lasting and durable power bank to take with you on the go. It will come in handy when you forget to charge your phone before leaving the house or can’t get a plug to charge it while you’re out and about. Some models include two ports to let you charge two devices at once!

Accessory #3: PopSocket

Popsocket via @mightyskins

A PopSocket grip is a must-have if you like to use your phone one-handed or need to get a better grip on it. The knob simply goes on the back of your phone and collapses, so it doesn’t stick out.Expand it to have better control of your phone when taking pictures, video chatting, playing a game, or texting. But, with a quick pull, you have a better grip on your device. A PopSocket will revolutionize your phone handling experience. They come in many colors, styles, and materials to match your case and showcase your personality. You can even skin your PopSocket.

Accessory #4: Earbuds

Earbuds via @mightyskins

Jam out to your music or watch your video in peace with a set of high-quality earbuds. You have endless possibilities of colors and styles to choose from including:

• Wired and basic with no frills
• Wireless/ Bluetooth/ Airpods
• Microphone-included
• Over-the-ear headphones (if earbuds aren’t your style)

A basic pair of earbuds will do the job you need, but if you want better sound quality, you might have to splurge. A higher-quality set will help you attain the sound experience that you want.

Accessory #5: Bluetooth Hands-Free Earpiece

Bluetooth Hands-Free Earpiece via @mightyskins

It’s not only dangerous to use your phone for any reason while driving, but it’s also illegal in most states. Use a Bluetooth earpiece to talk completely hands-free while driving. Charge the earpiece and use it for hours of talk time so you can keep your focus on what you’re currently doing. It also comes in handy if you’re making dinner, trying to play a game, or something else that keeps your hands full and want to talk on the phone.

Expand the capabilities of your phone by using accessories. They’ll complement your style and give you a better user experience.

Apple Wireless Airpods: What's So Great About These Earbuds? via @mightyskins

Apple Wireless Airpods: What’s So Great About These Earbuds?

Apple’s Airpod release was quieter than most expected. Coming on the heels of another round of iPhone announcements, they wireless earbuds could have gotten lost in the shuffle. Their quality, though, made them stand out even in a crowded market. If you are still on the fence, you might want to take a closer look at what makes these wireless earbuds so unique.

Airpods Have Amazing Design Quality

If you’re going to talk about any Apple product, you’ve got to start with design. There’s no doubt that the Airpods are a stylish bit of work, building on everything the company has done with the old earbuds and kicking things up a notch. They’re not exactly a huge leap forward from what’s already there, but why would they be? They look great and very much stay within the general aesthetic of Apple’s core identity. The dangling look takes a minute to get used to, but it’s a look that really grows on you as time goes by.

Nearly perfect,” is a term that’s been thrown around a bit when it comes to building quality for the Apple wireless airpods, and for a good reason – these are wireless earphones that actually stand up to human use. If you haven’t used the Airpods before, you will figure that they’d have a tendency to fall out, but the opposite is true. These in-ear headphones stand up to move very well, and they never feel like they’re going to fall out. They take a bit of adjustment from time to time, but you’re looking at an exceptionally well-engineered piece of electronic equipment here.

Enjoy the Ease-of-Use Expected From Apple

If there’s a problem with traditional Bluetooth earbuds, it’s that they’re difficult to use. Sure, they work great after the initial set-up – but that process can be profoundly frustrating. The Apple wireless Airpods solve this problem by creating a set-up process that is entirely painless, something that you should expect from Apple by this point. They’re incredibly easy to pair with your i-device and tend to be just as easy to use every time you put them in. There are no complicated controls, and you’ll never forget how they’re supposed to work.

Appreciate Quality Sound & Tech

To be honest, the Apple Airpods price suggests a premium experience. On some levels, it really goes beyond – the fact that it pauses music when the earbuds are removed or that it has a great battery life is just more than most would expect. The sound quality isn’t going to hold up to devices that double or triple the Apple Airpods price, but it’s much better than your average Bluetooth earbud quality. No more static (you only want to hear white noise on your terms). You can only expect so much from this kind of device, but Apple manages to push that experience as far as it can reasonably go.

Apple’s Airpods are a fantastic piece of work. They’re stylish, the sound quality is good, and they just work. You can’t ask for more, but Apple seems dead-set on trying their best to deliver an even better experience with each iteration. Once again, Apple has set the bar — if you want wireless earbuds, this is the market’s gold standard.

Already own a pair? Customize your earbuds with one of our Airpod skins.
This is How to Create Your Own Vape Skin via @mightyskins

This is How to Create Your Own Vape Skin

Use Custom Images for Your DIY Vape Skin

With MightySkins, you have the option to create your own vape skin from any image you want, so you can truly have a fully-customized mod. From your favorite photo of your dog, Fido to a secret message written in pigpen cipher, add anything you want to your vape. Create an instant conversation starter. Step-by-step, here’s how to make a DIY vape skin any time.

If you don’t have a vape yet, check out what Grey Haze has to offer.

Step #1: Choose Your Vape Model

From a laptop or PC, visit the Create Your Own Skin page of the MightySkins website and choose Vape Skins from the “Products You Would Like to Customize” options.

Create Your Own Vape Skin

Then, from the list below, choose your vape model.

Choose Your Vape Model

Step #2: Add Your Favorite Image

You can choose nearly any image you want, as long as the resolution is high enough, even a picture of your best friend’s face. Make sure you have permission to use the image and that it’s not explicit or defamatory. Upload your image, choose a photo from Facebook or Instagram, or choose from one of our many options.

Add Your Image

Note: The maximum upload size for images on the MightySkins skin creation platform is 15MB, and we will let you know if your image is too small when placed. Images sized 1600 X 1200 px or larger are best.

Step #3: Add Your Text/ Monogram (Optional)

Do you want to add text to your DIY vape skin? A monogram? You’re the boss here so you can add whatever you want. Choose your text, your font, and customize the color to complement your image. Then, drag the text to place it where you want it to appear on your vape.

Add Your Text

Step #4: Preview Your Custom Vape Skin

Choose the “Preview” tab to see what you’ve created. Make sure it looks how you want it and that the photo looks clear, not blurry. Take one final look at your text – how and where it appears – before your order.

Preview Your DIY Vape Skin

Step #5: Buy it!

Once you’ve created a new custom vape skin that you’re happy with, click the “Buy it Now” button, order your new skin, and kick back while you wait for it to arrive at your door.

Final Thoughts

With technology, it’s easier than ever to customize nearly anything. Make one for yourself or someone who loves to vape. Create your own vape skin today with these five simple steps.


Tops xBox One Skins to Purchase in 2018 via @mightyskins

Top Xbox One Accessories Worth Purchasing in 2018

There are many exciting Xbox One accessories worth purchasing in 2018, including wireless controllers, charger kits, and headsets. The benefits of purchasing add-ons for your console are added convenience and swag. Here are some products worth looking into in 2018.

Top Xbox One Controller

You may want to consider purchasing an Xbox Elite controller, which is convenient and enhances your abilities. The controller currently runs at $149.99; they allow you to use your controller at a further distance and offers additional controls that may be able to enhance your accuracy.
xBox Elite Wireless Controller

Top Xbox One Charge Kit

Charger kits can also be incredibly helpful. Purchasing new batteries and charging rechargeable batteries can be a real hassle. Purchasing a charging kit allows you to plug your charger into an outlet to quickly charge it. Also, you can continue to use your controller while it’s plugged in. A great charging kit to consider is the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, which currently runs at $24.99.

Top Xbox One Headset

Headsets are also a beneficial accessory you may want to consider purchasing. Headsets have many advantages, including allowing you to communicate with other players online and they allow you to play your favorite games without disturbing others with the background noises of your game. A really great headset that is out right now is the HyperX Cloud headset, which runs about $80-$100, depending on the store you purchase it from.

Other Top Xbox One Accessories

There other accessories that can enhance your overall gaming experience.
Many gamers find chatpads – small keyboards that attach to your controller so you can characters at a quicker speed – useful. Look into the chatpad offered by Xbox, which costs $34.99. And, other controller accessories can to improve your gaming skills.

For instance, KontrolFreek grips cost only $14.99. These are products that you place on your control sticks in order to enhance grip and accuracy. Many people feel that these products also enhance their abilities and give them a competitive edge.

KontrolFreek Grops for xBox One

You may also be interested in looking into getting an external hard drive or an Xbox One Media remote. External hard drives, such as the Seagate-2Tb ($89.99) have several advantages. For example, they give you more space to download new games. Also, downloading your games onto an external hard drive will typically improve your Xbox’s processing abilities.

An Xbox One media remote gives you the ability to control DVDs, Blu-rays, and video streaming services with convenience. They are very affordable and you may be interested in purchasing the media remote sold on the Xbox website, which is $24.99.

Lastly, you may want to look into purchasing Xbox One skins. These skins are available for consoles and controllers for the Elite, Slim, and Kinect variations from MightySkins; they allow you to customize your devices and add your own unique touch to your gaming experience.

xBox One Skins via @mightyskins Final Thoughts

Overall, there is a wide array of Xbox One and other system gaming accessories that can enhance your gaming and video experience. Whether you are looking for extra convenience or are hoping to upgrade your gaming skills, there is definitely an accessory that will meet your needs.
How to Apply Your Vinyl Skin to a Hoverboard via @mightyskins

How to Apply Your Vinyl Skin to a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are undoubtedly one of the most fun ways to get around, and now with custom vinyl skin wraps for your hoverboard, riding can be an expression of your creativity. Applying a vinyl skin to your hoverboard is an easy and exciting way to bring new life to your device and show off your creative side. Placing distinctive vinyl skins on your hoverboard takes only minutes and requires no special tools.

Getting Started

The first step in applying a vinyl skin to your hoverboard is making sure to order a skin that fits your device correctly. Industry leader MightySkins has a large variety of custom-fitted vinyl skins for virtually every make and model of hoverboard on the market today. You can upload your image for a unique appearance, or select from favorite designs like camo, solid colors, galaxy graphics, and other fun patterns.

After unpackaging your new vinyl skin, you’ll want to clean your hoverboard to remove any debris, dirt and other substances that could cause a ripple or bubble in the wrapping. Just clean the device with an alcohol-based cleaning wipe, or a lightly-soapy, damp microfiber cloth while the device is unplugged. Pay particular attention to the wheel well area, as dirt tends to accumulate here from outdoor use. Dry the board entirely after you clean it.

Identifying Skin Locations

Depending on your model of hoverboard there will be one or more sheets containing individual vinyl skins to be placed on your hoverboard accordingly. Identify each area where the skin is to be set, paying attention to the orientation and size of the placements.

Start by applying the largest, centered vinyl sheet on the top of your board. Begin at one end of the vinyl and gently lay the skin in place. With your fingertip smooth the sheet out from end to end eliminating any air bubbles or wrinkles in the materials.

The sides of your hoverboard will likely have matching skins to lines up squarely with the middle pieces. There is most likely another set within your pack to cover the wheel guards and outer-facing surfaces of the board. Several models may also have smaller triangular pieces to fill corners and tighter spots on the device, easily identified by their shape and size.

Removing Air Bubbles & Wrinkles

Locate and place the remaining vinyl skins using the same process. To further eliminate micro air bubbles and wrinkles you can use a vinyl applicator tool or similar object with a flat edge such as a credit card. Firmly smooth out any remaining blemishes by pulling the applicator tool or card over the surface of each skin piece.

Wipe your vinyl skin gently down with a dry cloth while inspecting for any bubbles or misaligned items. If you’ve accidentally misaligned part of the skin don’t worry, it can simply be lifted from the corner end using a fingernail or fine-edged card and placed back onto the device.


Shop our hoverboard skins today.

MightySkins' DIY Handgun Wrap via @mightyskins

How to Customize Your Handgun for Safety & Personalization

Your gun is a tool used on a regular basis. Whether it’s an everyday carry item or a weapon that rests in your gun safe or bedside table to protect your home, you need to customize your handgun. Personalizing your weapon with a gun wrap allows you to create the gun appearance you’ve always dreamed of without contacting a gunsmith to transform or build your dream firearm. Moreover, a gun wrap ensures that you keep your existing handgun and its current parts, rather than having to order custom components for the sake of appearances.

Differentiate Between Your Gun and Others’

Do you and your spouse each have a handgun – similar models, perhaps, but not the same gun (one of you might have a double-barreled gun and the other a single with the same markings otherwise)? Do you head out to the range with your buddies on a regular basis, all of your firearms piled on a table or counter together as you take turns shooting each others’ guns? Personalizing your gun with a gun wrap is a great way to ensure that you’ll always be able to lay hands on your gun fast – especially crucial for those middle-of-the-night disturbances.

Show Off Your Personality

Most guns come in reasonably predictable colors–typically black or grey. For many shooting enthusiasts or carry permit holders, that’s just not the right way to express their style. With a gun wrap, on the other hand, you can transform your handgun to reflect your specific personality; this can include everything from camouflage (in all its incarnations) to an American flag, your favorite character, and more. Not only that, you can use a custom gun wrap to transform your rifle, handgun into something out of your favorite fictional world. Create a blaster, design a weapon to look like one from your favorite video game, or transform your gun however you can imagine.

Identify Your Mags

Magazines–especially those not created by the original manufacturer of the gun–can be hard to identify. By adding a gun wrap to your magazines, on the other hand, you can make each one unique; this makes it easy to locate the magazine that’s the right fit for each gun, allowing you to quickly grab the right one whether you’re on the range or in a dangerous situation. Being able to identify the correct magazine quickly will also reduce misfeeds and other potential problems with your gun: frustrating on the range, dangerous in a real-life situation.

Find the Right Parts

When you want to add customization, it’s important that you have the right parts – those that are built specifically for your model. Adding accessories that are designed for another hadngun or rifle can be hazardous and even deadly. So choose a gun parts supplier that has exactly what you need.

Final Thoughts

Personalizing your gun makes it uniquely yours. Whether you’re doing it for safety reasons, like being able to identify your magazines, or just for fun, you’ll transform your gun into a one-of-a-kind item that is uniquely your own. Check out Mighty Skins’ gun wraps to see how we can help you customize your handgun to your heart’s desire.


Drone in Flight - Protect Your Device Skin via @mightyskins

This is How to Get the Most Life From Your Device Skin

A device skin protects your phone, drone, laptop, or other gadgets from normal wear and tear while adding a touch of style to your smartphone or laptop; they help you stand out from the crowd, bring out your personality, and give you a chance to express your creative side. Our team observes hot trends to design a wide selection of wraps best suited to your device, for both recreational and business purposes. We usually tell you how to maintain your devices with our products, but now you can learn to get the most from your skin itself. 

Increase the Durability Of Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl decorative covers are prone to chemical damage. Concerned about your iPhone skin losing its edges? Then, applying a healthy coat of sealant on top of the surface should do the trick. In fact, plastic polish is capable of masking most scratches. Since smartphone skins are thinner than rubber mobile phone cases, they will wear out faster. Vinyl decals are sensitive to high temperatures which causes the colors to fade away if you leave your device out in the sun.

Protect Your Device Skin From Cracking or Peeling

One of the worst things you can do is to drop your device on the ground. Adhesive skins begin to peel off once dust gets trapped in the cracks. For this reason, it’s vital to keep the surface of your devices clean. Although a vinyl skin isn’t complicated to remove, it’s still not a great idea to take them off more than once. The sticky side leaves behind residue and won’t work as well in the future.

This is How To Make Your Laptop Skin Last Longer

Decorating your laptop is hardly a chore when you apply a vinyl skin. It’s peel and stick paper backing lets you cover your computer with flowery patterns and pre-existing images all in one piece. To prevent the vinyl skin from peeling off, be mindful of where you place the laptop. Avoid scraping the vinyl sticker on rough surfaces which includes the inside of cluttered bags with your other belongings. Instead, you could put it in a soft cover case.

Maintaining Skins For Your Game Consoles

Game consoles are another matter altogether. Custom console skins are tricky to place on a controller because the surface isn’t flat. Furthermore, there are several buttons you will often be pressing if you are an avid gamer. To avoid wearing the device skin, be mindful of how hard you grab the controller while playing. Don’t stack items above your Gaming system because it will definitely damage the vinyl.

Final Thoughts

Over time, even device skins of the highest quality eventually show signs of peeling. Getting scratches on your device cover will detract from its original attractiveness. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix this problem. No harm is done by adding an extra layer of protection to your device skin, or better yet, repair damaged skin, so it appears as good as new. This applies to any device you use though you may want to consider the materials in the wrap itself.

Customize Your VR Headset via @mightyskins

3 Ways to Customize Your Virtual Reality Headset

Your virtual reality headset is a vital part of the gaming experience. Most people have an elementary idea of what these headsets look like, but there are many options these days to help create custom virtual reality headsets that can honestly look great. If you are searching for a way to make your headset your own, we have three fun options you can use to customize it.

Add Padding

Depending on the kind of virtual reality headset you have, padding may be a concern; some of them come with sufficient padding, but others do not provide any. This can be an issue when playing for long periods of time so it can be a good idea to consider adding some. There are many padding options, from foam to quilted cloth, that can provide the kind of comfort you want. Keep in mind that you will need padding that can absorb sweat and that can be cleaned regularly.

Vinyl Skins

There are lots of companies that offer gorgeous skin designs for your virtual reality headset. These range from fun ones that can transform the set into a pair of eyes, to lovely artistic ones that feature landscapes and animals. Depending on the virtual reality headset you have, you will need to find the options that best fit the size and cut. All of the companies that provide these skins have measurements that you need to check carefully against your headset so that you can get the perfect fit. These skins are highly durable so that you do not have to worry about them peeling off. There is no need to keep the same old black headset when you can transform it into a colorful work of art.

Vinyl Skins for VR Headset via @mightyskins

We offer gorgeous skin designs for your virtual reality headset. These range from fun ones that can transform the set into a pair of eyes, to lovely artistic ones that feature landscapes and animals. Depending on the virtual reality headset you have, you will need to find the options that best fit the size and cut. All of the companies that provide these skins have measurements that you need to check carefully against your headset so that you can get the perfect fit. These skins are highly durable so that you do not have to worry about them peeling off. There is no need to keep the same old black headset when you can transform it into a colorful work of art.

Eyesight Adjuster

Not everyone’s face is shaped the same way or is the same size, which can make virtual reality headsets for some people more uncomfortable than for others. One way to fix this is by adding an eyesight adjuster. These adjusters allow you to get the perfect distance for your headset so that you do not get eye strain after hours of playing. It is a great way to customize your headset, and if someone else wants to use it, you can quickly remove it.

These are just some of the ways you can customize your virtual reality headset so that you can genuinely have a great time playing. Why should you have to play with the most basic of headsets when you can transform yours into comfortable and fun ones? With skins, eyesight adjusters, and extra padding, you will create a one of a kind headset.

turquoise camo vinyl gun wraps

Just How Durable are Vinyl Gun Wraps for Customization?

Adding aftermarket camouflage or another slick design to your gun can be a tedious task given the limited options available. Among these options, vinyl gun wraps standout to be one of the most popular. The question people are asking is, “How durable are vinyl wraps for guns?” Here’s your answer.

This is What You Should Look for in a Gun Wrap

Certainly, every gun owner wants his new decor to survive the scorching sun and other harsh conditions. You want your wrap to last through whatever stress you decide to put it through because you expect to make the purchase once. You should be looking for something waterproof (helps prevent against rust) that is going to last for several years. Does vinyl make the grade?

What’s the Difference Between Vinyl and Other Types of Gun Wraps?

A vinyl gun wrap is like a sticker that comes in a shape customized to your pistol or rifle model. Here are the perks:

  • Unlike hydro-dipping and cerakote, vinyl wraps are super inexpensive. So, that’s one bonus.
  • Another perk to choosing vinyl is that it is easily replaceable. If you decide you want to change the look and feel of your gun, you can peel off the wrap and replace it without too much hassle.
  • Additionally is that you can choose nearly any print you want, and aren’t limited to the manufacturer’s designs.
  • Next, vinyl is super easy to place on your gun without any special skills. Hydro-dipping and cerakote require some trial and error or professional placement.

Here’s the downside:

  • One potential downside to vinyl is that it won’t last a decade or a lifetime like hydro-dipping and cerakote can. Instead, you might get up to five years life out of one durable wrap… if you take good care of it.

So, is Vinyl the Best Choice for You?

If you’re interested in a customization that will increase the life of your gun’s finish by protecting it from the elements, doesn’t cost much, is easy to place on your own and just as simple to replace, yes vinyl is a great option for you.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in a semi-permanent solution, you may want to check out your other options for customizing your handgun or rifle.

If you’re interested in seeing what you can order today, check out our vinyl gun wraps today.

7 Apps to Help Manage Your Homework

It’s back to school season, which means you may be wondering how you’re going to focus on studying and stay on top of your homework and assignments.

Fortunately, there are apps for your computer and smartphone that can help.

The apps listed below are thoroughly tested, specially picked and can work complementary to each other and help you in various ways.

App #1: Wunderlist

To-do lists are more popular than ever and that’s not without a reason. Whether you use pen and paper or more tech-savvy methods to write down your lists, tracking your upcoming tasks can bring a sense of control in your busy life and reduce stress.

Wunderlist is a to-do list and task manager app that works on both desktop and mobile devices, offering accessibility from everywhere. It has a good mix of features for every type of user. Its clean design is a great plus, as people tend to use more often products that are aesthetically pleasing. And, a to-do list app works only if you use it consistently.

App #2: Toggl Time Tracker

Complementary with a to-do list (and a personal must) is a time-tracker app. It’s not irrelevant that procrastination is one of the most popular words in student memes (and sometimes professional ones). One way to tackle that is having a clear image of the work you produce and the guilt (or sense of accomplishment) will motivate you to continue.

Its best feature is that you can group tasks by project and by “client” so you can have a clear view what is for school and what is for your employer and at the same time, divide your study time by subject and specify the task you work at the moment.

Its browser widget is great to remind you when you are slacking. So, no more excuses to procrastinate!

App #3: Pocket

With Pocket, you can easily collect stuff to read later and actually read them. Based on your interests it also recommends articles that might interest you and the great thing about this is that it doesn’t recommend very similar stuff to what you have already read, but unique and well-written content that may align with your general preferences.

For studying, it can be a useful tool to track the online sources you find during your first steps of your research when you are working on an essay or project.

App #4: EasyBib

Bibliographies are often a complicated part of school work, as it is necessary to stick to a certain style that your teacher or university prefers or requires.

Everyone knows how boring it is to write down resources by hand, but apps like EasyBib make a student’s life a lot easier.

EasyBib uses your phone’s camera to scan a book’s barcode and create a citation formatted in MLA, Chicago, or whatever format your school uses. iOS and Android systems are supported and the browser widget will save up valuable time when working from different devices.

Don’t forget to be consistent with the style you choose!

App #5: Memrise

If you are studying a foreign language this is hands-down the app you need to download right now. It offers subscription plans for offline use, but the free version is great too and you can still have access to the useful material.

Memrise uses what’s called “elaborate encoding” to help you memorize your vocabulary and grammar. Instead of having to read through words and their translations, and trying to memorize them as they are, it helps to create associations between the translation and words you already know in your native language.

The best thing about this app is that the most popular textbooks have their own courses in Memrise so you can easily study on your own what you are learning in the classroom and actually prepare yourself for an upcoming test.

App #6: Forvo

Speaking a language with a good accent isn’t a matter of sounding educated or impressing people. Correct pronunciation can change the way you orally perceive a language and it helps you learn faster since hard-to-pronounce words are almost impossible to memorize.

Forvo allows you to quickly access hundreds of thousands of pronunciations stored in its huge database. With over 325 different languages available on it you can sure find the pronunciation of the word you are looking for.

App #7: Khan Academy

For the self-learners and people who want to learn something more than what their classroom provides, Khan Academy is one of the very few apps out there that allows you to learn almost anything for free. Truly free.

With over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertips in math, science, economics, history, and more, you can use it to quickly brush up your knowledge of a certain subject or truly prepare for an upcoming exam.

Its content is divided into school year levels so you don’t need to hassle very much to find where you should start, a common problem with many other similar apps.

Final Thoughts

The mentioned apps are only a few from what is out there and certainly there a lot of alternatives that may work for others. Some of the apps provide additional benefits (like offline use or additional exercises) to premium users that pay a monthly fee, but this doesn’t hamper the ability to benefit from using the free version.


Author Bio:

Eirini Kafourou handles communications for Megaventory the online inventory management system that can help small businesses synchronize stock and manage purchases and sales over multiple stores. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!