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5 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories in 2018 via @mightyskins

5 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories to Get in 2018

Having a smartphone that does everything you need is great, but do you wonder how you can make your experience even better? Accessorize! Accessories let you maximize the capabilities of your phone while making the user experience as enjoyable as possible. Here are the top five smartphone accessories you need in 2018.

Accessory #1: Protective Case

Phone Case via @mightyskins

A durable case protects your phone from damage if you end up dropping it. One with an integrated screen protector keeps your screen free from scratches and reduces the chances of it cracking in an unfortunate incident. The large variety of styles, colors, and materials allows you to customize your phone to suit your personality. Choose bold colors, patterns, and designs to show your style.

Accessory #2: Power Bank

Phone Power Bank via @mightyskins

Smartphones are capable of being nearly everything you need, but using your phone as a map, calendar, camera, and to surf the web takes a toll on your battery life. Get a long-lasting and durable power bank to take with you on the go. It will come in handy when you forget to charge your phone before leaving the house or can’t get a plug to charge it while you’re out and about. Some models include two ports to let you charge two devices at once!

Accessory #3: PopSocket

Popsocket via @mightyskins

A PopSocket grip is a must-have if you like to use your phone one-handed or need to get a better grip on it. The knob simply goes on the back of your phone and collapses, so it doesn’t stick out.Expand it to have better control of your phone when taking pictures, video chatting, playing a game, or texting. But, with a quick pull, you have a better grip on your device. A PopSocket will revolutionize your phone handling experience. They come in many colors, styles, and materials to match your case and showcase your personality. You can even skin your PopSocket.

Accessory #4: Earbuds

Earbuds via @mightyskins

Jam out to your music or watch your video in peace with a set of high-quality earbuds. You have endless possibilities of colors and styles to choose from including:

• Wired and basic with no frills
• Wireless/ Bluetooth/ Airpods
• Microphone-included
• Over-the-ear headphones (if earbuds aren’t your style)

A basic pair of earbuds will do the job you need, but if you want better sound quality, you might have to splurge. A higher-quality set will help you attain the sound experience that you want. Check out Headphonesty for honest headphone reviews and buyer’s guides — you’ll find the perfect pair.

Accessory #5: Bluetooth Hands-Free Earpiece

Bluetooth Hands-Free Earpiece via @mightyskins

It’s not only dangerous to use your phone for any reason while driving, but it’s also illegal in most states. Use a Bluetooth earpiece to talk completely hands-free while driving. Charge the earpiece and use it for hours of talk time so you can keep your focus on what you’re currently doing. It also comes in handy if you’re making dinner, trying to play a game, or something else that keeps your hands full and want to talk on the phone.

Expand the capabilities of your phone by using accessories. They’ll complement your style and give you a better user experience.

Apple Wireless Airpods: What's So Great About These Earbuds? via @mightyskins

Apple Wireless Airpods: What’s So Great About These Earbuds?

Apple’s Airpod release was quieter than most expected. Coming on the heels of another round of iPhone announcements, they wireless earbuds could have gotten lost in the shuffle. Their quality, though, made them stand out even in a crowded market. If you are still on the fence, you might want to take a closer look at what makes these wireless earbuds so unique.

Airpods Have Amazing Design Quality

If you’re going to talk about any Apple product, you’ve got to start with design. There’s no doubt that the Airpods are a stylish bit of work, building on everything the company has done with the old earbuds and kicking things up a notch. They’re not exactly a huge leap forward from what’s already there, but why would they be? They look great and very much stay within the general aesthetic of Apple’s core identity. The dangling look takes a minute to get used to, but it’s a look that really grows on you as time goes by.

Nearly perfect,” is a term that’s been thrown around a bit when it comes to building quality for the Apple wireless airpods, and for a good reason – these are wireless earphones that actually stand up to human use. If you haven’t used the Airpods before, you will figure that they’d have a tendency to fall out, but the opposite is true. These in-ear headphones stand up to move very well, and they never feel like they’re going to fall out. They take a bit of adjustment from time to time, but you’re looking at an exceptionally well-engineered piece of electronic equipment here.

Enjoy the Ease-of-Use Expected From Apple

If there’s a problem with traditional Bluetooth earbuds, it’s that they’re difficult to use. Sure, they work great after the initial set-up – but that process can be profoundly frustrating. The Apple wireless Airpods solve this problem by creating a set-up process that is entirely painless, something that you should expect from Apple by this point. They’re incredibly easy to pair with your i-device and tend to be just as easy to use every time you put them in. There are no complicated controls, and you’ll never forget how they’re supposed to work.

Appreciate Quality Sound & Tech

To be honest, the Apple Airpods price suggests a premium experience. On some levels, it really goes beyond – the fact that it pauses music when the earbuds are removed or that it has a great battery life is just more than most would expect. The sound quality isn’t going to hold up to devices that double or triple the Apple Airpods price, but it’s much better than your average Bluetooth earbud quality. No more static (you only want to hear white noise on your terms). You can only expect so much from this kind of device, but Apple manages to push that experience as far as it can reasonably go.

Apple’s Airpods are a fantastic piece of work. They’re stylish, the sound quality is good, and they just work. You can’t ask for more, but Apple seems dead-set on trying their best to deliver an even better experience with each iteration. Once again, Apple has set the bar — if you want wireless earbuds, this is the market’s gold standard.

Already own a pair? Customize your earbuds with one of our Airpod skins.