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This is How to Create Your Own Vape Skin via @mightyskins

This is How to Create Your Own Vape Skin

Use Custom Images for Your DIY Vape Skin

With MightySkins, you have the option to create your own vape skin from any image you want, so you can truly have a fully-customized mod. From your favorite photo of your dog, Fido to a secret message written in pigpen cipher, add anything you want to your vape. Create an instant conversation starter. Step-by-step, here’s how to make a DIY vape skin any time.

If you don’t have a vape yet, check out what Grey Haze has to offer.

Step #1: Choose Your Vape Model

From a laptop or PC, visit the Create Your Own Skin page of the MightySkins website and choose Vape Skins from the “Products You Would Like to Customize” options.

Create Your Own Vape Skin

Then, from the list below, choose your vape model.

Choose Your Vape Model

Step #2: Add Your Favorite Image

You can choose nearly any image you want, as long as the resolution is high enough, even a picture of your best friend’s face. Make sure you have permission to use the image and that it’s not explicit or defamatory. Upload your image, choose a photo from Facebook or Instagram, or choose from one of our many options.

Add Your Image

Note: The maximum upload size for images on the MightySkins skin creation platform is 15MB, and we will let you know if your image is too small when placed. Images sized 1600 X 1200 px or larger are best.

Step #3: Add Your Text/ Monogram (Optional)

Do you want to add text to your DIY vape skin? A monogram? You’re the boss here so you can add whatever you want. Choose your text, your font, and customize the color to complement your image. Then, drag the text to place it where you want it to appear on your vape.

Add Your Text

Step #4: Preview Your Custom Vape Skin

Choose the “Preview” tab to see what you’ve created. Make sure it looks how you want it and that the photo looks clear, not blurry. Take one final look at your text – how and where it appears – before your order.

Preview Your DIY Vape Skin

Step #5: Buy it!

Once you’ve created a new custom vape skin that you’re happy with, click the “Buy it Now” button, order your new skin, and kick back while you wait for it to arrive at your door.

Final Thoughts

With technology, it’s easier than ever to customize nearly anything. Make one for yourself or someone who loves to vape. Create your own vape skin today with these five simple steps.


How to Choose the Right Vaporizer

When you first step into the vaporizer world, it all might look too overwhelming, but don’t give up! Vaporizers and everything about them is not as complicated as it looks at first sight, and VapeTrack created this infographic to help anyone struggling with picking best vaporizer for their lifestyle and budget.

You probably heard of different types of vaporizers, like very popular pen vapes or slightly bigger portable vapes. There’s one more kind – desktop vaporizers, which are the biggest. Each of these types of vaporizers offer different versions, for vaping dry herb or oils and liquids. There are two ways of heating said herb or oil, conduction and convection, so you can pick according to your budget and level of knowledge about vaporizers. You can also pick different from different power sources –batteries are most popular, and different temperature settings – fixed, digital control or analog control.

When you learn about all these options, and take your budget in consideration, you are ready to pick your vaporizer. In the infographic VapeTrack suggest their best picks for each type of vaporizer – pen, portable and desktop. Take a look and good luck picking your new vaporizer!

Vaporizer Shopping Guide Infographic

25 Creative Ideas for Customized Skins

Last year, we introduced our new “Create Your Own Skin” tool.  It’s something customers had been requesting for some time, and we were happy to oblige.  You probably have seen skins and cases around with photos of people’s kids or dogs or favorite foods – well, this is how they do that.  But family photos are not the only images you can use to wrap your devices.  Here are 25 creative ideas for images you can use to create a truly unique skin for your phone, laptop, tablet, or vaporizer.

For Parents

1. Your kid’s artwork

Happy Family child's drawing

Love the happy family your 5-year-old drew? Turn it into a skin!

You know those nifty drawings you’re always clipping to the fridge and then cherishing forever?  Run one through a high-quality scanner or take a photo with that fancy new HD camera on your phone to create a file we can make into a skin.

2. Your kid’s team or school logo(s)

Soccer mom or dad? Football family?  Get digital files of your kid’s club team or public school logo (make sure it is not trademarked first).  If your kid plays more than on e sport or you have more than one kid, you can put several images into a collage maker like PicMonkey and show your spirit all day long.

3. Photo collage

Speaking of PicMonkey, why just have one photo of your family?  Look through your Facebook page or iCloud photos and find some shots of the family in action.  Then throw them into a collage maker (BeFunky even lets you add effects) and be reminded of the memories of that vacation to Maui and the visit with Grandma, instead of that time you spent 3 hours in a studio while a photographer talked to you like you were children.

For Entrepreneurs

Mighty Skins Products

Proud of your product? Display it on your device with a custom photo skin!

4. Company Logo
A phone or laptop skin with a company logo can be a great little gift to welcome a new employee.  You can also use customized company logo skins to distinguish company devices from personal ones.

5. Product images

If you have a business that sells something beautiful, like jewelry or even custom furniture, use your professional proprietary photos to make the back of your laptop a display case that you can carry with you.

For Everyone

6. Fancy up your photos

Use online photo editors like fotor or pizap to give your photos some original pizzazz, add a a border, or make a meme to create your custom skin.

7. Quotes/ Motivational sayings

Use quote makers like  or pixteller or to turn your favorite quote into a unique skin-able image.
Online Quote Maker image

8. Old Maps

The U.S. The Library of Congress  has made many of its maps available as digital files.  Though not all of the collections are in the public domain, if you like the look of old maps, you’re likely to find something that we can use to make you a skin.  Generally, works published before 1923 or created by U.S. Government offices are in the public domain and fair game.  Cornell has produced a pretty helpful guide to copyright and public domain.

9. Public domain vintage photos

Google “public domain photos”, or just go to a site like public domain archive, and find a photo that speaks to you.

10. Vintage drawings

There are several great sites for finding old photos and prints that are now in the public domain.  Vintage Printable and the British Library’s flickr page are some great places to score cool and unique images that are free to use.

Guide to London cover image_British Museum_public domain

Vintage images in the public domain proivde millions of potential subjects for a totally unique skin.

11. NASA photos

Into space?  Check out the NASA  image gallery. As a government agency, NASA generally does not copyright the images it produces, so as long as there are no astronauts or NASA logos in the photos, they can be used to personalize your gear.

12. Photograph interesting textures

Newer smartphones have awesome image resolution.  Take advantage of the detail to photograph interesting textures (cobblestones, an interesting knit, the highlights in your girlfriend’s hair) up close.

13. Nostalgic patterns

Love that old wallpaper in your grandma’s kitchen or the weird tile pattern in the bathroom at your family home?  Take a picture and bring it with you everywhere.  It’s like carrying a batch of fresh-baked cookies in your pocket, only without the calories!

14. Monogram

You’ve heard of monogrammed towels and luggage.  Why not monogram your devices?  You can use sites like to easily generate a unique monogram in a downloadable file that you can send on over to us.

15.  Band logo

Trying to make a name for your band?  Why not get skins for your equipment that display your band’s logo.  You can even get a bunch of them for band members and fans.

16. Public transit map

Anyone who lives in the big city knows how helpful it is to have an easily accessible map of the public transportation system on hand.  Instead of trying to access it online in the subway tunnel (good luck), why not send us the image and stick it on your phone or e-reader.  That way it’s always available when you need it.

CTA map

Get around on public transit? Why not put the rail map on the back of your tablet for easy access?

17. Caricatures

Have a caricature artist (or someone you know) draw you or your loved one (or both together!) and get their permission to use the image for your device skin.  Then scan it and send it to us to really personalize your devices (and make it easier for people to return them when you leave them lying around.

18. DIY showcase

Into arts and crafts?  Get double the fun from your latest project by photographing it and turning into a skin.

19. Photograph nature

Everyone should have a favorite outdoor space.  Why not carry your happy place with you?  Just take some photoes next time you’re there, choose the best one or  make a collage from several, and send it on over.

20. Original Art

Are you a visual artist yourself?  Send a digital image of one of your pieces and make your device a showcase.  Or, better, yet, contact us to talk about large quantity orders – open up a whole new revenue stream and get your art out there!

Just for Fun

21. Screen shot trick

Make the back of your phone look like the front of your phone – take screen shot and send us the image and we’ll make a custom skin out of it.

22. Face photo trick

Have a friend take a photo of the side of your face (with your ear) and adjust the image to scale.  Then, the back of your phone will blend in to the side of your face.  Like an invisibility cloak!

23. Escape artist

Instead of the photo of your kids sitting in a photo studio, get one of them trying to climb out of a device-shaped window or doorway, then crop it so your skin will make it look like tiny people are climbing out of your phone.

24. Paired skins

Use your favorite photo app or software to split a photo in half.  Use one half for one skin and the other half for the other.  This makes a cute couples gift for anniversaries, but can also be a cool effect for things that naturally come in pairs like game controllers.

25. Special events

Custom skins make great party favors.  Get your bridesmaids personalized “Bridesmaid” and “Maid of Honor” skins – it will help your bridal party keep track of their phones while they’re running around taking care of you and show you thought of them specially.  Our skins remove easily and with no mess, so when the event is over, their phones can go back to normal.

However you choose to customize your device, make sure that the images you send fit the following qualifications:

  • Maximum File Size: 10MB
  • File Types Accepted: JPG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, AI, EPS
  • Resolution of 300 dpi
  • Minimum image size of 1200 x 1200

NO COPYRIGHTED IMAGES: We can’t reproduce copyrighted material like logos, TV and film stills, or artwork that is not in the public domain (unless, of curse, you are the artist and give us permission).  We understand the appeal, but it’s just not legal.

Other than that, go crazy!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Don’t Get Pinched, Get Engaged this St. Patrick’s Day!

samsung galaxy s6 edge irish flag skinshamrock

Why Do We Wear Green?

We all know the rule of March 17: wear green or risk getting pinched.  (Maybe you’re into that, we’re not judging.)  But do you know why we wear green on St Patrick’s Day?  The habit started back in Ye Olde Ireland, when shamrocks and kelly green ribbons marked the celebration of the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.  Immigrants carried the tradition of Saint Patrick to the United States, along with the tale that wearing green makes you invisible to little leprechauns.  If you are wearing green, the spry woodland creatures cannot see you and therefore cannot pinch you.  But skip the green, and they will sneak up and pinch you!  (This makes more sense after a few pints of Guinness, we assume.)

How to Wear Green: With Mighty Skins!

Who says wearing green has to be limited to clothes?  At only $9 to $12 each, you can choose any of these cool green skins for your never-leave-home-without-it phone, e-cig, or vape, and then switch to a new color scheme the next day, after your hangover wears off.

iphone 6s plus green skinCloupor Cana DNA 30 green flame skiniphone 6s plus green camo skinGoPro Hero 3 Green Eye skiniphone 6s plus green floral skinHana ModzV3 DNA 40 green floral skin

If none of these strike your fancy, check out the full selection of skins for phonese-cigs and vapes, and other stuff.

Saint Patrick, Love, and Leap Year

So wait, what is this about Saint Patrick and getting married?  Turns out old Saint Patrick was an equal opportunity romantic.  An Irish nun named Saint Bridget had lamented to Saint Patrick that the lovely Irish lasses were having to wait far too long for their loves to propose.  So Saint Patrick decreed that the tables would turn every Leap Year, and women could propose to their suitors.  This year is a Leap Year, so now is your chance to celebrate this little-known tradition.  And ladies, while MightySkins does not carry a line of wedding rings, may we suggest that any of our custom skins and wraps would make for a fine engagement gift?

Fit Bit Charge kisses skin



Vape Pen Holiday Season Buyer’s Guide for 2015 [Guest Post]

This post was written by our friends at

With the end of the year and the holiday season approaching, we wanted to do a round up of the best vaporizer pens out this year. Whether you’re looking for a vape pen as a gift, or just want to buy a new pen for yourself, this list will help you decide on the right one for your scenario.

Who are we to say which vape pens are best, anyway?

We’re vapers.  We’ve been running Paint the Moon since 2012 and have tested just about every pen vaporizer out there (and most portable and desktop units too!). This has given us the opportunity to compare and contrast all of the different units against each other to see which ones really deliver, and which aren’t worth the cash. Also, being actively involved in the vape community, we get a feel for what everyone else out there thinks of the various pens, and we take that into consideration with our reviews as well. So, all of the pens on this list are not only our personal favorites, but most of the vape community would agree that they are some of the best on the market as well. With that being said, yes this is still an opinion piece, and we realize there might be a pen you feel should have made the list that didn’t. If you disagree with something we did or didn’t put in here, that’s perfectly fine. Visit us at and let us know what you think.

Alright, so let’s get into it.

Source Orb v3 vape pen1. The SOURCE Orb V3

I’ll admit, until late last year we weren’t even familiar with SOURCE. They contacted us one day to review their pen at the time, the Orb V2, and it blew us away. The Orb V2 was the first pen to offer 7 completely different atomizers. Most pens come with 1, and maybe 2, but SOURCE realized that not every vaper is the same, and we all have our own unique preferences, so they took this into consideration and gave us 7 different atomizers to choose from. Not only did the Orb V2 come with a plethora of atomizers, but it performed wonderfully as well. It immediately became our #1 ranked pen in our pen buyer’s guide. Well, a few months ago, SOURCE outdid themselves and released the Orb V3. The main difference with the V3 is it now comes with their brand new Quartz atomizers, which give a flavor unlike any other pen on the market. It’s extremely clean tasting. With the V3, you have 2 kits you can choose from:

  • The Premium Kit – Comes with 7 atomizers including 2 Quartz atomizers. Retails for $79.95 from SOURCE’s website.
  • The Signature Kit – Comes with 8 total atomizers, including 3 different Quartz style atomizers. You also get a nice globe attachment, and the Orb Slim (a smaller, more portable version of the Orb V3). The Signature Kit sells for $129.95.

The Premium Kit should be fine for most people, but if you like glass globe attachments and also like the idea of having a second pen that’s even smaller and more portable, the Signature Kit is a great value. Both can be bought directly from SOURCE’s website. Use the promo code ‘MOON’ and  get 10% off.

Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen 2. The Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Ghost by Dr. Dabber is another great pen. It comes with titanium coils for a really clean flavor, and one of the stand out features is the slower heat-up time and lower temperature, which gives a nice, even vaporization and smooth flavor. This is different from other pens, which may heat up too fast, leading to that burnt flavor you may have experienced.

Another cool feature is the Ghost has the capability of using different add-ons, such as a glass globe or water attachment. These are sold separately, but will give you a unique experience compared to other pens out there. So if you like vaping through water, this pen is a great choice.

Regarding the battery, expect to get around 200-300 draws per charge. The total recharge time from a completely dead battery is right around 2 hours.

For only $84.95, the Dr. Dabber Ghost is a very solid and affordable pen.

3. The Gentleman’s Ambassador Kit V4.

gentleman's ambassador vape pen kit-v4Gentleman’s Brand has been in the game for a while now, and they consistently produce great units. The Ambassador Kit V4 is no different. This one comes with a variable voltage battery that ranges from 3.2-4.8 volts, so you can dial in the perfect vape experience for you. Do you prefer slower, more even vaporization? Set it to a lower voltage. In a hurry and just need a quick pick-me-up? Set it to the highest voltage and be on your way.

One of the biggest benefits of this unit is the “Mega” atomizer that it comes standard with. The Mega holds over a full gram of concentrate, allowing you to basically load it in the morning before you head out for the day and not have to worry about refilling it while you’re on the go. It also comes with a standard-sized atomizer, so you have the option of using either one. The standard holds around 0.5 grams of material.

As far as battery life goes, you will get around 500 draws according to Gentleman’s website. We haven’t actually counted, but the battery does last a decently long time.

The Ambassador Kit V4 retails for only $79.95, making it a great choice in our opinion. Awesome flavor, long battery life, and the ability to load up to a full gram of material at once; doesn’t get much better than that.

We hope you found our holiday season guide to the top vape pens of 2015 useful. If you want to read our complete pen vaporizer buyer’s guide complete with full reviews and video demonstrations, you can check it out on our site here.

2015 Vape Store Survey

Vaping has been one of the fastest growing trends of the last few years. Online and brick and mortar stores selling everything from e-liquid to customized MOD vaporizers are popping up across the country, and business is booming. To get a better idea of where the trend is heading and who is getting on board, we recently surveyed more than 100 purveyors of all things vape.  The results? It turns out vaping isn’t just a mundane habit taken up to replace traditional cigarettes. Every one of the vendors we asked said that style at least sometimes plays a role in the choices vapers make, and more than half said that style is absolutely a consideration for their customers. This accounts for the huge variety of products available to e-smokers and the hundreds of ways vapers can customize personal vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

So who are these customers? We were surprised to find that only two of the 106 owners and managers we talked to had a customer base that consisted of more women than men, and only 34% said that their customers were evenly balanced between the genders. Apparently, dudes are a little more into vaping than chicks.

It came as no surprise, though, that the majority of  vapers are on the younger side, with 69% falling between 26 and 35 years of age.  Still, we gotta hand it to the older generations – 6% of our respondents reported that the average age of their customers was over 45.

Check out the infographic below to see what other trends and preferences vape stores are seeing as vaping culture becomes more mainstream.

2015 Mighty Skins Vaping Infographic

Where Vapers Buy Vaping Accessories

In the vaping world, once you get past your basic gas station e-cig, which most vapers do pretty quickly, you enter a vast and complex land of customization.  Nearly every part of a vaporizer can be changed out for another, better part or one specially selected to fit your particular style.

There are hundreds of brands of vaporizers and e-liquids, and there are hundreds of retailers of both.  Figuring out where to buy your vaping accessories, or “eccessories”, as some have charmingly come to call them, can be a bit intimidating.  This is especially so when you realize that, like anything else, there are a lot of knock-offs on the market. Where an off-brand purse might wear out before you think it should, though, a low-quality vaporizer can actually pose risks to your health.

To help you out, we scoured the forums of the robust and rapidly growing vaping community to find out which online retailers of vaping accessories came most recommended.  While there were dozens of e-shops that were recommended by someone, only a handful showed up over and over again.

Here, the most recommended sites for ordering vaping accessories online:

Forum Favorites

DiscountVapers logoDiscountVapers popped up on every forum several times in answer to questions about where to buy vaping accessories of all kinds.  Vapers seemed generally pleased with their selection, prices, and shipping, as well as customer service and return policies.  They have thousands of accessories for something like 75 brands, plus helpful advice for both new and seasoned vapers.  They even have a loyalty program for frequent buyers.  The one thing they don’t have, unfortunately, is e-liquid.

MadVapes_logoMadVapes came almost as frequently recommended as DiscountVapers and has the added bonus of also being a source for e-liquid.  They carry e-juice from about a dozen different suppliers as well as mod kits, starter kits, EGo accessories, and a bunch of other stuff. They also have brick and mortar shops throughout North and South Carolina, as well as one in Atlanta and in random cities in Texas, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.

Mt.BakerVapor_logoMount Baker Vapor was the only other site that came close to MadVapes and DiscountVapers in recommendations on the forums.  The company was started by a couple of vapers in Washington State, and they’re still running the place.  They have e-cig and vaporizer accessories as well as e-juice and are known for fast shipping (which is free on orders of more than $50) .  They even have an app.

Frequently Mentioned

GotVapes has all kinds of vaping accessories and was often recommended as a place to check when you can’t find what you want at one of the three sites mentioned above.  They ship internationally and you get a 5% “VIP” discount by subscribing to their newsletter.

Hoosier E-cig started out as brick and mortar store in Greensburg, IN, but now ships all over the country and, through Bongo International, a service that provides users with a U.S. address, internationally as well.  Hoosier is also touted for fast shipping and delivery, even, one commenter noted, for custom juices.

MyVaporStore carries products from some two dozen vaporizer manufacturers and about 25 e-liquid companies.  They also offer free shipping for orders over $75.

The Veteran Vaper is pretty comparable to MyVaporStore in recommendations but has a smaller selection (about 16 brands of vaporizers and e-cigs and only 4 e-liquid suppliers).  They only ship to U.S. addresses, but will ship orders of more than $75 for free.

VapeDudes, though they carry a few accessories and hardware products, is mostly recommended for their e-juice, of which they have more than 300 varieties.  As the name suggests, it is run by a group of vaping enthusiasts that, in their words, “eats, sleeps and breathes (especially breathes) all things eJuice.”

Several Mentions


Once you’ve got your gear, come on over to us to make it truly yours.

Fuzion Vapor (e-juice only)
FastTech (hardware only; ships from overseas, so can be a bit slow in arriving)
Canvape (Canada only)
Ecigexpress (more than 1000 flavors for DIY e-liquid mixing)

One other bit of advice that showed up over and over was the caveat that, so far, no one store always offers the best prices on everything.  While one may have the best deals or selection on atomizers and coils, another may blow everyone else away when it comes to e-liquid or tank systems.

If you’re still not sure what all the parts and pieces are, you can check out our post on e-cig and vaping basics and visit The Vaping Forum’s evolving vape glossary or Guide to Vaping’s A-Z e-cig glossary (with pictures).  You can also get specific recommendations on brands and retialers, or general advice on where to start, from others in the vaping community at sites like VaporTalk (which also sells accessories), VapingUnderground (which is not as subversive as it sounds), E-Cigarette ForumThe Vaping Forum or the other Vaping Forum. Vapers are a friendly bunch and eager to share what they’ve learned and talk about their hobby-turned-lifestyle, so don’t be shy.  They’re always glad to welcome new members to their community.

E-cigs and vaping: Laying out the basics

It’s official.  Smoking is out, vaping is in.  According to the CDC, the percentage of adults in the U.S. who smoke was down from almost 21% in 2005 to just under 18% in 2013, and has continued to fall.  Meanwhile, the vaping industry has gone from one of around $20 million a year in 2008 to an estimated $1 billion or more according to the Nicotine Science and Policy website.  Vape bars and retailers are popping up everywhere and business is booming.

Evaporate Los Angeles

Vape bars like Evaporate Los Angeles are popping up everywhere, giving patrons a chance to sample flavors and socialize with other vapers.

Early studies are showing that vaping is helping people ditch the smoking habit and, though data about the long-term effects of the substitute is yet to be gathered, it is pretty widely agreed that it is bound to be less harmful than its tar- and chemical-rich counterpart.  Plus, vapor is far less obnoxious to those around you and dissipates almost instantly, leaving you smelling like yourself instead of an ashtray.

So, how does one get started on the road to smoke-free bliss?  It’s really pretty straightforward, but there are a few things that it will be helpful to understand before you purchase your first “electronic nicotine delivery system”.

E-cigs vs. Vaporizers

E-cigs by Playboy

A typical e-cigarette

There are two basic configurations for portable vaporized nicotine delivery systems.  One is the familiar e-cig (e-cigarette, a.k.a. PV for personal vaporizer) that you can buy at gas stations and convenience stores.  Most of these are about the size of a cigarette and usually are designed to look like one.  This can be a comfort to those former smokers for whom the feel of a cigarette in their hands and on their lips is as much of a comfort as the nicotine it delivers.


Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, and Mighty Skins has them all covered.

The other option actually encompasses a huge variety of devices, all known as vaporizers.  Technically, e-cigs are also vaporizers, since they do turn e-liquid into vapor.  E-cigs, though, do this by heating nicotine-infused e-liquid directly, though convection (direct transfer of heat from the heating element to the liquid).  If the liquid were solid, it would be burning, but since it’s not, it evaporates and becomes vapor.   Most people use the term vaporizer, though, to refer to a device that heats the material (liquid or solid) through convection, meaning that it uses heated air to warm it.  This still results in the liquid turning into vapor, but this method allows for much greater variety and customization in the temperature, quantity, and quality of the vapor.   E-hookas are also vaporizers, but folks mostly seem to use this term when using nicotine-free e-liquid.

Many people who start out using e-cigs (“vaping”) fairly quickly move to a larger personal vaporizer, sometimes called “vape pens” or “mods”, depending on the degree to which they can be modified with different sized batteries, cartridge styles, etc.  Mods are usually preferred by experienced vapers for several reasons.

  • They have bigger batteries, so they hold a charge longer, often for a full day or longer.  E-cig batteries, on the other hand, sometimes last only for a few hours.
  • Mods and other larger PVs have refillable cartridges so, rather than paying for a new cartomizer (a combination cartridge and atomizer) when your e-cig runs out, you can just refill your cartridge with whatever e-liquid you prefer.
  • Refillable cartridges mean that, rather than being limited to a few flavors of cartomizer that fit your particular brand of e-cig, you have a pretty much limitless variety of e-liquid flavors to choose from, both with and without nicotine.
  • Larger PVs look less like cigarettes, so people are less likely to gripe at you for smoking where smoking is disallowed (which seems like almost everywhere these days).
  • Mods can be adjusted to deliver warmer or cooler vapor, as well as larger quantities of vapor.  The right adjustments can lead to a deeper “throat hit”, creating something closer to feeling of smoking, or a smoother hit, depending on your preference.
  • Mods area available with clear cartridges, called “clearomizer”s, that allow you to see how much e-liquid you have left.  E-cigs just run out, and the last hits tend to be significantly less satisfying than the first.
  • The separation of the atomizer and cartridge in larger PVs seems to offer a more consistent delivery than the e-cig’s cartomizer.

E-liquid (a.k.a. e-juice)

You may, by now, be wondering what the heck is in this e-liquid that is at the heart of the digital nicotine revolution.  For the most part, it is made up of nicotine, propylene glycol (an organic compound “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) for use as a direct food additive by the compound U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and some sort of flavoring.  Different e-liquids contain different amounts of nicotine, and some may contain ingredients other than the three mentioned here.  You can always ask your friendly neighborhood vape dealer to give you the low-down on a particular flavor or brand.  In general, 1 milliliter of e-liquid is roughly equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.


The only real customization available for e-cigs are a few different flavors and e-cig wraps, which are available in hundreds of different varieties.  Vape pens offer endless flavors and sometimes allow you to change out batteries or cartridges, but are also mostly customized using wraps.  With a mod, you can customize practically every part of the device, from the atomizer coil to the cartridge, as well as adding wraps, blinged out batteries, and more.
Which device you choose really depends on how much you want to spend, how much you want to customize, and how serious you are about optimizing your vaping experience.  E-cigs are cheaper initially, but must be replaced more often while vape pens and mods require more initial outlay put longer use and less future cost.  Mods offer the best overall experience and the most customization options, but are bigger and more conspicuous and can be bulky to carry.  Many vapers use a combination of both, depending on what is most convenient and what activity they will be combining with their vaping recreation.  And, with their rising popularity, there’s no telling what other incarnations we might see in the near and distant future.


Image credits:
E-Cigs by Playboy” by Lindsay Fox of Ecigarette Reviewed, via Flickr some rights reserved