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3 Death-defying Stunts Caught on a GoPro

GoPro, the versatile brand of camera you often see attached to helmets, cars, and drones, has captured some of the most incredible footage of the past decade. With the growing popularity of GoPro cameras among athletes and daredevils, it’s little wonder that some of the most unbelievable marvels of human determination and bravery have been caught in high definition. GoPro even has an award-winning YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing some of the best footage submitted from users. These are some of the most breath-taking, death-defying and heart-wrenching stunts ever caught on a GoPro.

GoPro Hero3+ Black edition with a firey vinyl skin cover called "backdraft"

Backdraft – GoPro Hero3+ Silver/Black Edition

World’s longest jump attempt

In March of 2014, French Rally Cup driver Guerlain Chicherit attempted to break the world record for the longest ramp jump in a car. The target for the incredible final jump was a distance of 110.5 yards (101 meters) taken at almost 100 mph (160 kph). On the day of the jump, Chicherit looked visibly nervous. “When I woke up the morning of jump day, I called my wife and told her that I had a bad feeling,” he said afterwards. But with a two-year effort put into building the car for the jump, he couldn’t afford to turn back.

The GoPro camera inside the car captured the moment in Chicherit’s eyes where he realized he had made a mistake and truly believed he was about to die. A second later, the camera shows Chicherit thrown around in the cabin as the car goes into a nose-forward roll. Despite the horrific nature of the crash, Chicherit came away mostly unharmed. He may not have shattered the world record, but he came away with footage of one deeply personal experience that now has touched the hearts of millions.

Stratosphere jump

GroPro Hero4 Silver Edition in a starry, space vinyl skin called "Nebula"

Nebula-GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition

On August 16, 1960, Joe Kittinger, Jr. made history by jumping from 102,800 feet with a parachute. On October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner followed in Kittinger’s footsteps by jumping from nearly 24 miles above the Earth in a stratospheric capsule. As he opened the capsule door to stand at the edge, looking down at the hills and valleys miles below, Baumgartner made one small speech before he jumped: “I wish you could see what I can see. Sometimes you have to be up really high to understand how small you are. I’m coming home now.”

At first, everything appeared to be going well, but then Baumgartner revealed that he had gone into a deadly spin. You can see his heart rate drop to zero several times in the video as the force causes him to pass out momentarily. Thankfully, he managed to correct himself, much to the relief of ground control. Baumgartner deployed his parachute at 8000 feet and landed safely on the ground below, to congratulations from Kittinger himself. He set three world records, including the feat of becoming the first diver to break the Mach 1 sound barrier. His incredible jump inspired millions to reach for the stars and beyond.

Breath-taking backflip

GoPro Hero (2014) in a snakeskin vinyl skin called "Python"

Python – GoPro Hero (2014)

The 2013 Red Bull Rampage, an event where professional mountain bikers navigate a narrow cliff to the finish line, saw a pretty spectacular stunt from rider Kelly McGarry. The New Zealander showed off for the crowd by pulling a backflip over a 72-foot-long, treacherous canyon gap, to roars of applause from the crowd.

Kelly McGarry finished in second place, and while he may not have won the race, he certainly won the crowd, taking home the best trick award for his canyon gap backflip. McGarry died on February 1, 2016, three years after his stunt, of a heart attack while biking on the Fernhill Loop Track in Central Otago in New Zealand. Perhaps he would best have liked to have been remembered as the free, adventurous spirit that he was: a person who would take a backflip over a canyon just because it was there.


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Do’s and Don’ts for Back to School Gadgets

Back to school has gotten a lot more complicated over the last decade. Gone are the days of buying a few notebooks and some pencils. Now we’re in the era of big-ticket gadgets in the classroom, and parents have to foot the bill. If you’re going after high-tech gadgets for your kids in the classroom, make sure to follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts. They’ll save you money, help you to buy better gear and they’ll even allow you to save a bit of your precious sanity – not bad for some simple and easy to follow tips, right?

DO Check With Your Child’s School

Apple Macbook Pro 15" Retina

Apple Macbook Pro 15″ Retina with “Splatter” MightySkin and matching wallpaper.

If your child’s school has a technology policy, it’s probably there for a good reason. Certain programs don’t work with certain gadgets, so check to see exactly what the school plans on using. You should also see if your school has policies banning certain products – it’s less likely, but still something of which you should be aware. Checking to see if your school has a technology policy should always be your first stop when gadget shopping. You wouldn’t want to find out that your son or daughter’s brand new Apple Macbook Pro isn’t allowed on campus!

DON’T Avoid Name Brands

In most areas of life, avoiding name brands is a good way to save money. When it comes to gadgets, though, there is usually a reason why certain brands dominate the field. Do not get an off-brand gadget because you never really know how it’s going to hold up. For every hidden gem there are a dozen duds, and you don’t want your child to be the only kid in class without a working gadget. In this case, it’s probably better to stick to what everyone else is buying – you’ll end up paying more in the long run if you buy something that doesn’t work.

Samung Galaxy S6 Active Smartphone with Teal Marble skin and wallpaper.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Smartphone with “Teal Marble” MightySkin and matching wallpaper.

DO Buy Rugged Gear

If you’re buying gadgets for children (or for college students) look at products designed for rugged usage. Military-grade cases and shock-proof accessories are golden, because you don’t want to know what goes on in most backpacks. Don’t be afraid of paying a little bit more if that means your gadgets will stay safe, because you don’t want to deal with repair bills. Think of any extra money you spend on rugged gear – such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Smartphone – as insurance against the usual antics of your child. At the very least, it should help you to avoid at least a few tears.

DON’T Buy “Flavor of the Month” Items

Certain items are incredibly cool for students. They’ve got all the bells and whistles, they have the best commercials, and they’ve probably been featured in a few movies. Avoid these products like the plague if they’ve been in use for years, though, because they’re not likely to last longer than a month or two. Fad tech items are always a bad idea because the technology behind them doesn’t tend to be overly sound. Buy something that’s tested and true even if your kids complain – they’ll be happier when it still works at the end of the semester.

DO Look for Back to School Sales

If you’re going to buy gadgets, make sure to shop around. Even big box stores will discount some items eventually, and online retailers tend to have great sales during the beginning of the school year. Some of these products are meant to last several years, so saving a little money now can help you to save even more over the long run. It’s always better to pay more when buying a name-brand item on sale than it is to pay less for a knock-off at full retail, so treasure any savings you can find when shopping.

And once you’ve done your research, gotten a great deal on your gadgets, be sure to personalize them with MightySkins so they can stand out in a crowd — Just like your kids!

Matching Computer Wallpaper for your Skin or Case

From a viewpoint of self-expression, it’s no longer acceptable, it seems, for people to carry phones, laptops, and gaming systems without some sort of branded or personalized design. Because our tech devices qualify as glorified accessories, owners should look to personalize them with a MightySkins covering to better reflect their inner style.

Technology as Art

In today’s world, cell phones, tablets, and iPods are more ubiquitous accessories than watches, belts, and socks. What we own or carry is an extension of ourselves, and in doing so, we are sending out non-verbal cues to people around us. In addition to serving as inanimate tipoffs to our individuality, our personal affects have become cumbersome. That’s why cell phone designers constantly innovate with newer, slimmer, smarter, and smaller phones, computers, and MP3 players. And what do we do? We usually invest in costly, durable –but often bulky—cases. Technology as Tote bag, rather than Art?

The New “Skinny Fit” in Protective Casing

The most recent innovation in mobile gadgets protective coverings is the snug fit. These are second phone ‘skins’ from the likes of MightySkins, that are made of vinyl and painted with a top-quality UV-protective ink. The MightySkins covers fits snugly over a slew of popular devices (to name a select few):

  • Cell phones: All the major players are noted: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Droid, Motorola, Palm, Blackberry, etc.
  • Cases: These skins are also compatible with the popular Otterbox and LifeProof cases
  • Tablet: Nook, Leapfrog, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Sony, and Samsung
  • Laptop: Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Sony, Samsung, and HP
  • iPod / MP3 Player: Apple and Samsung Galaxy
  • Gaming Consoles: Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, and Guitar Hero 3
  • Others: Pebble brand watches, Dr. Dre Beats headsets, and GoPro

The MightySkins line fits most devices and provides an extra layer of protection for mobile phone users who already use protective casings. The true beauty of the MightySkins is that it adds aesthetic appeal to your phone, while adding a layer or more of protection as well.

Free Wallpaper Download

Phone, tablet, desktop, and tablet users who upgrade their style with MightySkins will get a complementary wallpaper download. These high-definition art or image wallpapers seamlessly match the skins to create a flawless, integrated, artistic appeal for devices. Themes for the skins and wall paper range from:

  • Technological: Get the Microsoft X Box match!
  • Inter-galactic: Spaced-themed products are available
  • Outdoorsy: Themes for hunting to rainforest in various colors
  • Patterned: Money, cards, favorite flags, floral, alien, abstract art, and sports themes are among the choices

Regardless of a user’s personality, there is a theme and a pattern to fit every style. MightySkins’ patented adhesive technology easily sticks to or removes from devices, allowing for multiple pattern applications and skins upgrades.

Easy Installation

Phone skins installations with MightySkins are as easy as 1-2-3. First, start with a clean device. Use a damp linen-free cloth and no ammonia. Let the backing dry. Get your hands clean, and free of any oils, as the skin’s natural oils can tamper with the cell phone skins’ adhesive quality.

  • First, wipe the skin for any excess material; remove any if present.
  • Remove the skin from the backing paper (be careful to not stretch the skin)
  • Delicately align and apply the skin to the device. Ensure buttons, curves, and openings are all properly placed. Each skin accurately fits the device model ordered. Feel free to peel the skin back and guarantee accurate placement before proceeding.
  • Once the positioning is right, press down firmly on the skin. Move your fingers from the middle outward toward the edges, maintaining pressure. This outward movement helps to move out any air bubbles from the skin placement. Some users press down with a credit card wrapped in a paper towel (or similar) to enhance flat pressure.

After the MightySkins cover is applied, download the same wallpaper for the relevant device (phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops). The wallpaper can be downloaded from the website.

  • Find the wallpaper by typing the skin-model name into the search bar.
  • Select the option to download this wall paper
  • After the image has appeared, select the option to save picture as and save-to or drag-to (for Mac users) to the desktop or a preferred folder. (This step must be undertaken by laptop / computer users to successfully complete installation).

Mobile device users should use the USB cable to transfer the file from the computer to the device once downloaded. Alternatively, users can e-mail or SMS the image of their choice to their mobile device for installation. Once the image is loaded into the device, the wallpaper can be set up in the device’s settings.

The end result for any computing device user is a glorious skin-and-wallpaper match, which can be a perfect conversational topic in any coffee shop or in a business encounter. Further, the aesthetic qualities of a perfectly matching skin and wallpaper cannot be beat. The look is seamless.

MightySkins is a personable, professional American design company dedicated to the production and distribution of eponymous MightySkins. MightySkins are protective vinyl coverings that protect against nicks, scuffs, and scratches. Created using a high-quality UV protective ink, MightySkins also add a vibrant, fade-resistant aesthetic quality to various electronic devices such as cells phones, tablets laptops, iPod/MP3 players, gaming devices, and other electronics. All MightySkins come with a free matching downloadable wallpaper for relevant devices.