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Best MightySkins designs to match your gaming devices (Xbox One and PS4)

PS4 v XBOX cover

There is a harsh competition between these two game consoles that want to gain more and more followers. In choosing the right device, people look after many features, and even if it wouldn’t seem too important, the design may be an essential factor. People tend to overlook some differences and focus on this aspect. In the process of choosing the best console, many seem to choose according to the majority of their friends, or maybe the price. However you choose to decide, MightySkins has a skin that will fit your interests. It seems that both producers preferred to keep it simple and they have both chosen to keep the classic black (even though Microsoft created white for their employees ONLY). This doesn’t mean that the users have to conform, you can choose from a wide variety of skins that come in a ton of colors and designs.

When it comes to games, you can choose from a wide variety of Xbox one colors and styles, we even have skins to match perfectly with your favorite games. Here are a few we think will be a great match for any gamer:

  • Basketball – Whether your an Xbox or PlayStation user, if you love basketball you’ll be happy to know you can purchase our basketball skin that looks even better than the graphics of the new NBA 2K14 game.

  • Soccer – We’ve got our FIFA 14 fans covered with the soccer skin design. You can have your entire console or controller looking so much like a soccer ball you might mistake it for the real thing!

  • Football – Whether your throwing the ol’ pigskin around in the backyard, or rushing the quarterback in Madden 25, MightySkins has a football skin style that will make your gaming device look even better.

  • Stars and stripes – Do you really need a reason to fly our flag? ‘MERICA!

  • Shooters – Stay hidden in battle with our tree camo or desert camo skin styles. Just be mindful of where you set your controllers down, they tend to blend in a little TOO well.

  • Solid colors – No matter what your favorite color is, MightySkins has tons of solid colored skins to drench your favorite console or controller in.

Matching Computer Wallpaper for your Skin or Case

From a viewpoint of self-expression, it’s no longer acceptable, it seems, for people to carry phones, laptops, and gaming systems without some sort of branded or personalized design. Because our tech devices qualify as glorified accessories, owners should look to personalize them with a MightySkins covering to better reflect their inner style.

Technology as Art

In today’s world, cell phones, tablets, and iPods are more ubiquitous accessories than watches, belts, and socks. What we own or carry is an extension of ourselves, and in doing so, we are sending out non-verbal cues to people around us. In addition to serving as inanimate tipoffs to our individuality, our personal affects have become cumbersome. That’s why cell phone designers constantly innovate with newer, slimmer, smarter, and smaller phones, computers, and MP3 players. And what do we do? We usually invest in costly, durable –but often bulky—cases. Technology as Tote bag, rather than Art?

The New “Skinny Fit” in Protective Casing

The most recent innovation in mobile gadgets protective coverings is the snug fit. These are second phone ‘skins’ from the likes of MightySkins, that are made of vinyl and painted with a top-quality UV-protective ink. The MightySkins covers fits snugly over a slew of popular devices (to name a select few):

  • Cell phones: All the major players are noted: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Droid, Motorola, Palm, Blackberry, etc.
  • Cases: These skins are also compatible with the popular Otterbox and LifeProof cases
  • Tablet: Nook, Leapfrog, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Sony, and Samsung
  • Laptop: Apple, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Sony, Samsung, and HP
  • iPod / MP3 Player: Apple and Samsung Galaxy
  • Gaming Consoles: Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, and Guitar Hero 3
  • Others: Pebble brand watches, Dr. Dre Beats headsets, and GoPro

The MightySkins line fits most devices and provides an extra layer of protection for mobile phone users who already use protective casings. The true beauty of the MightySkins is that it adds aesthetic appeal to your phone, while adding a layer or more of protection as well.

Free Wallpaper Download

Phone, tablet, desktop, and tablet users who upgrade their style with MightySkins will get a complementary wallpaper download. These high-definition art or image wallpapers seamlessly match the skins to create a flawless, integrated, artistic appeal for devices. Themes for the skins and wall paper range from:

  • Technological: Get the Microsoft X Box match!
  • Inter-galactic: Spaced-themed products are available
  • Outdoorsy: Themes for hunting to rainforest in various colors
  • Patterned: Money, cards, favorite flags, floral, alien, abstract art, and sports themes are among the choices

Regardless of a user’s personality, there is a theme and a pattern to fit every style. MightySkins’ patented adhesive technology easily sticks to or removes from devices, allowing for multiple pattern applications and skins upgrades.

Easy Installation

Phone skins installations with MightySkins are as easy as 1-2-3. First, start with a clean device. Use a damp linen-free cloth and no ammonia. Let the backing dry. Get your hands clean, and free of any oils, as the skin’s natural oils can tamper with the cell phone skins’ adhesive quality.

  • First, wipe the skin for any excess material; remove any if present.
  • Remove the skin from the backing paper (be careful to not stretch the skin)
  • Delicately align and apply the skin to the device. Ensure buttons, curves, and openings are all properly placed. Each skin accurately fits the device model ordered. Feel free to peel the skin back and guarantee accurate placement before proceeding.
  • Once the positioning is right, press down firmly on the skin. Move your fingers from the middle outward toward the edges, maintaining pressure. This outward movement helps to move out any air bubbles from the skin placement. Some users press down with a credit card wrapped in a paper towel (or similar) to enhance flat pressure.

After the MightySkins cover is applied, download the same wallpaper for the relevant device (phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops). The wallpaper can be downloaded from the website.

  • Find the wallpaper by typing the skin-model name into the search bar.
  • Select the option to download this wall paper
  • After the image has appeared, select the option to save picture as and save-to or drag-to (for Mac users) to the desktop or a preferred folder. (This step must be undertaken by laptop / computer users to successfully complete installation).

Mobile device users should use the USB cable to transfer the file from the computer to the device once downloaded. Alternatively, users can e-mail or SMS the image of their choice to their mobile device for installation. Once the image is loaded into the device, the wallpaper can be set up in the device’s settings.

The end result for any computing device user is a glorious skin-and-wallpaper match, which can be a perfect conversational topic in any coffee shop or in a business encounter. Further, the aesthetic qualities of a perfectly matching skin and wallpaper cannot be beat. The look is seamless.

MightySkins is a personable, professional American design company dedicated to the production and distribution of eponymous MightySkins. MightySkins are protective vinyl coverings that protect against nicks, scuffs, and scratches. Created using a high-quality UV protective ink, MightySkins also add a vibrant, fade-resistant aesthetic quality to various electronic devices such as cells phones, tablets laptops, iPod/MP3 players, gaming devices, and other electronics. All MightySkins come with a free matching downloadable wallpaper for relevant devices.