This is How to Create Your Own Vape Skin via @mightyskins

This is How to Create Your Own Vape Skin

Use Custom Images for Your DIY Vape Skin

With MightySkins, you have the option to create your own vape skin from any image you want, so you can truly have a fully-customized mod. From your favorite photo of your dog, Fido to a secret message written in pigpen cipher, add anything you want to your vape. Create an instant conversation starter. Step-by-step, here’s how to make a DIY vape skin any time.

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Step #1: Choose Your Vape Model

From a laptop or PC, visit the Create Your Own Skin page of the MightySkins website and choose Vape Skins from the “Products You Would Like to Customize” options.

Create Your Own Vape Skin

Then, from the list below, choose your vape model.

Choose Your Vape Model

Step #2: Add Your Favorite Image

You can choose nearly any image you want, as long as the resolution is high enough, even a picture of your best friend’s face. Make sure you have permission to use the image and that it’s not explicit or defamatory. Upload your image, choose a photo from Facebook or Instagram, or choose from one of our many options.

Add Your Image

Note: The maximum upload size for images on the MightySkins skin creation platform is 15MB, and we will let you know if your image is too small when placed. Images sized 1600 X 1200 px or larger are best.

Step #3: Add Your Text/ Monogram (Optional)

Do you want to add text to your DIY vape skin? A monogram? You’re the boss here so you can add whatever you want. Choose your text, your font, and customize the color to complement your image. Then, drag the text to place it where you want it to appear on your vape.

Add Your Text

Step #4: Preview Your Custom Vape Skin

Choose the “Preview” tab to see what you’ve created. Make sure it looks how you want it and that the photo looks clear, not blurry. Take one final look at your text – how and where it appears – before your order.

Preview Your DIY Vape Skin

Step #5: Buy it!

Once you’ve created a new custom vape skin that you’re happy with, click the “Buy it Now” button, order your new skin, and kick back while you wait for it to arrive at your door.

Final Thoughts

With technology, it’s easier than ever to customize nearly anything. Make one for yourself or someone who loves to vape. Create your own vape skin today with these five simple steps.


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